Joe Mason (joenotcharles) wrote,
Joe Mason

Toronto fringe suggestions

Hey, Toronto people! Avery just posted a list of suggestions for things to see at the Fringe Festival. I disagreed with some of what he said, and I might as well back up the stuff I agreed with, so here's my take:

Blastback Babyzap. Go see it. It's by Uncalled For. QED.

This cannot be overstated. This is also the most mainstream thing on the list - it's just plain funny - so everyone reading this in Toronto should go see it even if you don't have any interest in the Fringe Fest per se.

Teaching the Fringe, by Keir Cutler. Except that Dr. Cutler won't be able to make it to your fringe, so Barry Smith, of Barry Smith's Baby Book (not to be seen in Toronto), will be doing the show on his behalf. That's a bit strange, because both Teaching the Fringe and Baby Book are autobiographical, and so now Barry is doing someone else's autobiography. Oh well, both of them were good. You might as well give it a shot.

Now I want to go to Toronto and see that, because this was a great show and I'd really like to see how it changed.

'Beth. As advertised.

This was ok, but nothing special.

Crude Love. Reputedly good. I didn't see this one either. Gee, I'm starting to sense a pattern here.

I don't know who reputed that this was good. It wasn't. Avery, I'd suggest you update your post because it sounds like you're recommending it, which you shouldn't be.

Jem Rolls. Dude, it's Jem Rolls. Of course you have to go see him. If you don't know why, then you have to go see him even more.

Totem Figures, by the increasingly infamous TJ Dawe. The guy talks at top speed for 90 minutes and doesn't forget any lines. Worth seeing just for that, although he seems a little oversold to me. Reputedly the only guy to ever make a full-time career out of doing fringe shows.

Not much to add to these.

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